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The Polytechnic Institute of Vyatka State University offers a unique opportunity for those who have any designing and engineering ideas

  • 23 July 2018, 13:07
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At the moment the Polytechnic Institute of Vyatka State University offers a wide range of study directions: Design, Construction, Power Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Pedagogics, Mechatronics and Robotics, totally almost 20 bachelor and specialist programs, and the same number of master's ones!

And that’s not all. The Institute's top-management has made a strategic decision to use the facilities of the Polytechnic for the benefit of entire region development.

If you have an idea or a ready-made development, but your resources for implementation are not enough, we invite you to take part in the project campaign of the Polytechnic Institute and put your idea into practice using the capabilities and the personnel potential of one of the oldest institutes of Vyatka State University! The experts of the Polytech will hold professional consultations for you at all stages of the project implementation!

Projects will be accepted in two areas: design projects (graphic design, environment design, development of small architectural forms, etc.) and engineering projects. The deadline for applications from residents of the region, organizations, authorities, employees and students of Vyatka State University is September 1st, 2018. After that the expert commission of the University will make some projects’ selection within 10 days, and choose those to be implemented by the students of Polytech. The final list of projects selected for implementation during the academic year could be found available on the official website of Vyatka State University.
It is planned to conduct open presentations of projects by student teams at various stages. The authors of the ideas will be able to take part in the work on the projects, and, in case of patentability, to fix their copyrights together with VyatSU project team.
The evaluation of projects is to be carried out on some parameters: the multidisciplinary nature of the project, the relevance and social significance of the problem, the lack of any solutions in contemporary market, and reasonable implementation time. Particular attention will be paid to projects aimed at meeting the challenges of urban development.
We invite investors who are ready to support the development of regional technological businesses and to receive dividends from them! You can take part in co-financing the development (financial resources, materials, equipment) or support some start-ups ready for launch!

For your project to be included in the general database, it is necessary to fill out the Application form and send it via e-mail to
Representatives of government bodies, public organizations and any structural units of Vyatka State University, please pay special attention to the fact that all applications for involving students of the Polytechnic Institute, received after 01.09.2018, will be added into the list for realization only for 2019!
For potential investors:

Please, contact directly Ivan Vladimirovich Gubin, the Head of VyatSU Polytechnic Institute

Our students work with modern software packages, many of which outrun the technical capabilities of regional enterprises! Modern machines and equipment, creative and technological co-working, Engineering Center and the Institute's laboratories make it possible to put practically any idea into practice! Teachers and staff of the Institute have enough knowledge and skills in the widest range of modern problems of the constantly developing society!