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The President of Russia Vladimir Putin expressed gratitude to the rector of VyatSU Valentin Pugach

  • 25 November 2018, 08:20
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Governor Igor Vasiliev and chief Federal inspector for the Kirov region Vladimir Klimov presented a letter of gratitude of the Head of State to the rector of the Flagship University.

Today, the guests of honor of the scientific Council of the VyatSU were the head of the region Igor Vasiliev and the chief Federal inspector of the Kirov region Vladimir Klimov. They arrived to present the rector of VyatSU Valentin Pugach the letter of gratitude of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. During the ceremony, the Governor Igor Vasiliev stressed that VyatSU is the leading University in the region, whose graduates show themselves as highly qualified specialists who make a significant contribution to the socio-economic development of the Kirov region. The high level of training at VyatSU is the merit of the professional teaching staff. The achievements of the university are also the undoubted merit of the rector Valentin Nikolaevich Pugach. V. N. Pugach conducted a serious reorganization of the university by joining Vyatka State Humanitarian University. The newly formed Flagship University became one of the 11 flagship universities of the first wave in the country.

It was under the leadership of Valentin Nikolaevich that a large-scale program for the development of the university until 2020 was developed. It is aimed primarily at improving the socio-economic development of the Kirov region. Thanks to the effective work of the rector and his team, the development program has become one of the best at the federal level.

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