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The regional club "Big Change" will open in VyatSU

  • 31 August, 16:11
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 "Big change" is an All-Russian competition that helps schoolchildren and students reveal their abilities

On August 30th, the project session "Possibilities of Big Change" took place at the boiling point of VyatSU. The Governor of the Kirov region Igor Vasilyev, the rector of Vyatka State University Valentin Pugach, the first deputy chairman of the Government of the Region, Dmitry Kurdyumov and the Minister of Education Olga Rysyeva, and the participants of the All-Russian Competition "Big Change" and their mentors and their mentors.

Igor Vasilyev Governor of the Kirov region opened the event:

    - It's nice that the number of participants from the Kirov region only increases with each year. It is especially important that the quality is growing too. You are all great, very clever - you are all the leaders of your teams.

    I wish you all success in today's work!

Noted Igor Vasilyev.

After the completion of the first season of the competition in the region, a regional team "Big Change" appeared. People with great initiaitves gathered together to create promotions and projects. Rector of VyatSU Valentin Pugach suggested all the non-indifferent guys, mentors and parents to meet in the walls of VyatSU on the basis of the "boiling point".

    - It is wonderful that you have found the initiative and desire to not stop at what you have got, moving on; that you met together, agreed and organized a community in our hometown; that you want to attract more people to the project. Here such a community of smart, active, not indifferent people can form a new intellectual elite of our city, our area. And it's just wonderful! I try my best so that our university will be a comfortable place to continue your activities, build new plans, develop new projects! I wish you success! -

said Valentin Pugach.

The winner of the "Big Change" last year, Daria Chekalkina claims that the competition makes it possible to develop and try yourself in various directions.

    - The first season helped my development as a person, I learned about my abilities, about which I did not even think about. In the season of this year, I went to the semifinals and very much hope for a decent result -

Noted Daria Chekalkina.

    - By the completion of the second season, I will try to decide on my future profession. I think it will succeed, because during the competition, each participant has the opportunity to try himself in various fields.

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