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The Russian language in the modern world

  • 22 February 2019, 09:52
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An open lecture was held at VyatSU within the project “Discussions on the Russian Language”

On February 13 a public lecture “The Russian Language in the Modern World” was held by Andrei Zlobin, an associate professor from VyatSU Department of the Russian Language, Speech Culture and Teaching Methods. The listeners learned about whether Russian is a world language and why, the position of Russian among other Slavic languages, where the Russian language came from, the state language policy and state events organized by the public in order to draw attention to the problems of the Russian language.

VyatSU Faculty of Philology and Media Communications has been implementing interesting projects in the field of Russian language and literature. Meetings with famous writers, journalists and public figures are held there; open lectures on the Russian language and literature are delivered monthly, literary and poetic evenings are held, the Day of Poetry and the Day of Slavic Literature and Culture are celebrated. Kirov citizens have been demonstrating a keen interest in these events.

All the information about the events held by VyatSU Faculty of Philology and Media Communications can be found in VK group “Discussions on the Russian Language”.

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