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The topic of forest ecosystems conservation will be discussed at VyatSU

  • 28 May 2019, 08:33
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On May 27 - 31, 2019, the II International Scientific and Practical Conference "Conservation of Forest Ecosystems: Problems and Solutions" will be held on the basis of Vyatka State University (educational buildings №1 and №4)

The organizers of the conference are: VyatSU (Competence Center "Use of biological resources" and the Department of biology and methods of teaching biology of the Institute of Biology and Biotechnology), Center for Forest Ecology and Productivity of RAS, RAS Scientific Council on Forest, LLC Nolinsky Timber Industry Company, LLC Sorvizhi-Les, Government of the Kirov region.

The conference is held under the Program of development of the Vyatka state University for 2016-2020. More than a hundred applications from scientists, specialists, representatives of authorities and public organizations, students and postgraduates from various regions of Russia and neighboring countries were received.

The conference will discuss the problems of the current state of forest ecosystems, their conservation and reproduction; study, state and environmental management in protective forests; biodiversity of forest ecosystems; biology and bio morphology of forest plants, as well as the training of forestry specialists. Special attention will be paid to the conservation of biodiversity of forest ecosystems during forestry activities. This will be the subject of discussion for a separate round table.

Events are planned within the framework of the conference:

- Plenary session, breakout sessions, poster session.

- Round table "Key objects for the preservation of biodiversity in timber harvesting: concepts, methodology, practical activities."

- Training "Modern technologies in the study of forests: GIS, remote sensing".

- Biomorphological training.

- Departure to the forest use sites in the SPNR "Medvedskiy Bor" Nolinsky district.

The results of studies of integral forest ecosystems and their components will be included in the conference materials collection.


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