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The twentieth graduation of the Presidential Program takes place

  • 25 September 2018, 07:09
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The leading role in the Presidential Program implementation on the territory of Kirov region is played by Vyatka State University

Kirov region Government awarded diplomas to the graduates of the Presidential program for management training that is implemented basically by VyatSU.

 "We are pleased to be the leading operator of the most important program,"

VyatSU Vice-Rector for Education Sergey Nikulin said.

Today the twentieth graduation has been held; it pleased us indeed, demonstrating the indicators of a new management ideology.

The world is changing and requires every manager to improve his skills, himself and his knowledge continually. We can dynamically develop ourselves only by reacting adequately on external changes.

One of the priorities for Vyatka State University is the project "University for preparation of project teams" - in fact, the graduates of the President's program are all the project team".

These words of Sergei Nikulin were confirmed by Gennady Konovalov, Director for Human Resources and Security of JSC Lepse. He emphasized that more than thirty specialists of their enterprise had undergone professional retraining within the Presidential Program, in fact they have made up such a team – and this is the merit of Vyatka State University as a key university in the region.

The specialists of VyatSU Institute of Continuing Education of Russian and foreign citizens, on behalf of whom the administrator of the Presidential Program Elena Vetoshkina acted, are directly involved in the organization of the educational process. Larisa Suvorova, associate professor of VyatSU Department of Economics congratulated the graduates on behalf of the teachers' team.

Who are they, today's graduates? First of all, representatives of large enterprises, financial organizations and educational institutions of Kirov region: JSC Lepse, Commercial Bank Khlynov, Kirovo-Chepetsk Chemical Plant, Research Institute of Computer Technology, Bakery and Confectionery Plant, Kirov Machine-Building Plant of the 1st of May, Kirov Forestry College. There are also founders of their own business.

So, today the army of regional managers trained in the Presidential Program has increased by 21 people. The total number of graduates of the program in the territory of Kirov region is over 900 people. This was reported by Sergey Kiselev, head of Kirov region Government Administration. This team, according to Sergei Kiselev, leads the region to a higher management level.

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