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Two VyatSU projects entered the TOP-1000 of the All-Russian Forum of the ASI

  • 17 October, 10:31
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One thousand of the best projects of the Forum of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) and the Roscongress Foundation "Strong Ideas for the New Time" out of almost fifteen thousand applications has been identified

The authors of these projects will receive support from ASI, regional governments, partners and the expert community. First of all, the experts selected relevant, new, scalable and implementable ideas.

Among the strongest ideas, defining the appearance of the country in the next decade, two projects from VyatSU: the project of VyatSU associate professor Marina Borodatoy "School of social mentors: training volunteer mentors for personally oriented support of orphans and children left without parental care" and a master's student project Daria Bokareva “ElementoBot - diagnostics of entrepreneurial abilities, consultations and mentoring using a chat bot”.

Marina Borodataya, associate professor of the VyatSU department, has been successfully working at the Center for Social and Psychological Assistance for several years, implementing social projects to develop mentoring for orphans, pupils and graduates of the center. An important and significant task for the whole of Russia is to prepare volunteer mentors for personal accompaniment of children left without parental care in a specially created school.

Social mentoring is a complex and serious phenomenon that requires a certain approach to each child with a difficult fate. It requires not only serious preparation, but also the accompaniment of a mentor in practice with children. The goals of the project are good: to develop family forms of life arrangement for orphans, overcome distorted stereotypes in the public consciousness about orphans and “cure” their future lives.

The preparation of future mentors takes place in three important aspects:

-mentoring: philosophy, meanings, content;
-social and psychological characteristics of orphans and children left without parental care;
-social protection of orphans and children left without parental care (legal framework).

To date, more than 300 people have already received experience in mentoring at the Center for Social and Psychological Assistance, and in the future, we believe, this number will multiply tenfold.

Daria Bokareva, a master's student at VyatSU, calls on to change the world for the better by popularizing entrepreneurship among young people. How to do it? Daria offers a simple but innovative solution - a chatbot for young entrepreneurs.

    ElementoBot is the young entrepreneur's companion. The project offers a new format for promoting entrepreneurship and support for starting their own business for young people aged 14-35. From diagnostics to mentoring!

How will this mechanism help popularize entrepreneurship among young people?

First, in the format of communication with a chatbot, using a new diagnostic method, the entrepreneurial abilities of the user will be revealed.

Second: tests and cases will reveal personal and business qualities. Third: each user will be provided with courses, contests and grants. And according to the results of testing, each will be selected personal content.

But that's not all! Continuing to communicate with the bot, young entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to receive individual advice on running a business, get an examination of ideas, find a mentor and a team to implement their plans.

Convenient, relevant, unusual and interesting - all this is about the project of Daria Bokareva. The chatbot in instant messengers attracts the younger generation and opens more often than other electronic resources.

The Department of Investment Policy of the Kemerovo Region became interested in the project of Daria Bokareva. The student was invited to participate in the discussion of projects and talk about her ElementoBot. We wish you success!

You can see the prototype of the new chatbot by following the link.

At the next stage of the ASI forum, the finalized project passports will be handed over to experts for the selection of the top 100. The authors of the top 100 best ideas and projects will present them to the government, federal and international experts at the final of the Forum, which will be held in October 2020 in Sochi. The projects designated by the experts in the category of "thousanders" will receive support, first of all, from regional institutions of power, business and, possibly, from other constituent entities of the Russian Federation. In this way the Kemerovo region became interested in Daria Bokareva's project.

We wish our participants success in the implementation of socially significant ideas!

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