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Vice-rector of VyatSU Ekaterina Mityagina told Vladimir Putin about personal achievements and development successes of the largest university in the Kirov region

  • 28 March, 10:07
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Talk with the President of the Russian Federation took place during a meeting of the supervisory board of the ANO "Russia - the country of opportunities"

On March 26, Vladimir Putin chaired a meeting of the supervisory board of the autonomous non-profit organization "Russia - the country of opportunities".

    - Over the past few years - three years, I think - five million people have taken part in various events related to this platform. We really wanted - in my opinion, it worked out in general - to create another, additional, opportunity for young people so that they could, relying on their talents, on their capabilities, on their aspirations, on their life plans, realize themselves where they live, study. And I must say that this, in general, gives results, -

noted Vladimir Putin.

The participants of the meeting with the President of the Russian Federation were the winners of various competitions organized by the ANO "Russia - the country of opportunities". Among them is Yekaterina Mityagina, vice-rector for development based on data analysis at VyatSU, who won the "Science" specialization of the Leaders of Russia 2020 competition, the flagship project of the "Russia - the country of opportunities" platform.

Vice-rector of the largest university in the region, professor, doctor of sociological sciences, winner of a prestigious competition - having learned about Catherine's achievements, the President could not resist a compliment:

    - Such a young, beautiful girl - professor and doctor; when did you manage to complete everything?

Ekaterina Mityagina told the head of state that winning the competition opened up a huge number of opportunities for her.

    - Valery Nikolayevich Falkov, Minister of Science and Higher Education of Russia, became my mentor. I study at the Skolkovo School of Management. Became vice-rector at Vyatka State University. But most importantly, my research has become visible to a very wide audience. For example, with the help of big data, we are now studying the equally large and mysterious Russian soul. According to the results of our research, Russia can cope with all challenges: the ability to withstand difficulties is inherent in our mentality and our culture, -

told E.V. Mityagina.

Having received an affirmative answer from Ekaterina to the question: "Did you calculate this directly?", Vladimir Putin emphasized:

    - This is an extremely important statement. It is of great importance for every citizen of the Russian Federation.

Ekaterina Mityagina drew the attention of the President of Russia to the need to develop regional universities.

    - I completely agree. We must develop our universities, including regional ones. I also mean the fact that we need personnel at the right places -

V.V. Putin. outlined his position.

During the conversation, which was joined by the former Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, Andrei Fursenko, a high assessment was given to the activities of Vyatka State University. Among the most important achievements of the university, successes in the field of biotechnology were named.

    - VyatSU is one of the strongest regional universities, and not only in the field of biotechnology. Do you know what theme we took? The theme of a happy person. This is a person who has everything in harmony: health, social sphere, worldview cultural code, -

Ekaterina Mityagina spoke about the project of the ecosystem of a happy person being developed at VyatSU, concluding her speech.

The head of state thanked Ekaterina and wished her good luck.

Translated by Artemij Sizov

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