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Vyatka State University and Gomel State University named after F. Skorina signed a cooperation agreement

  • 23 December 2019, 20:02
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The agreement involves the interaction of universities in the field of science, education and culture

Before signing the agreement, the Vice-Rector for Education Sergey Nikulin, the Vice-Rector for Science and Innovation of VyatSU Sergey Litvinets and the Rector of Gomel State University named after Francis Skorina Sergey Khakhomov took part at the meeting.

Representatives of Vyatka State University spoke about the educational programs of the Flagship University of the Kirov region, about priority areas of scientific research, as well as about interaction with partners of the university. The GSU Rector, in turn, presented the key educational and scientific platforms of the Gomel State University and noted the readiness of the university to interact in all directions.

The signed cooperation agreement involves the implementation of joint scientific (research, organizational, educational), educational, informational-analytical, historical-cultural and other programs, holding scientific conferences, thematic events, socially significant events and exchange printed products in order to expand the Eurasian scientific, educational and sociocultural interaction.

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