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Vyatka State University has risen by 14 positions in the Interfax National University Ranking

  • 9 June 2019, 08:17
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Now VyatSU is one of the 60 best universities in Russia

On June 4, the results of the X National Ranking of Universities, held annually by the international information group Interfax, became known.

In 2019, the work of 327 leading universities in Russia was evaluated, which is 39 universities more than last year. The analysis and evaluation of universities was carried out according to six parameters: educational activities, research activities, social environment, internationalization (international cooperation), innovations and technological entrepreneurship, brand.

Vyatka State University ranked 60th, having improved the result of last year by 14 positions. For a number of indicators, the results of the Flagship university of the Kirov region are even more significant: VyatSU was ranked 19th in the “Education” parameter, and 37th in the “Socialization” parameter.

In general, the positive dynamics compared with the indicators of 2015 amounted to 43 points - this result reflects the movement of Vyatka State University towards perfect quality in all areas of activity.


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