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VyatSU celebrated the Day of Russian students

  • 26 January 2019, 11:40
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The key event of the last weekend was the fiery "Student Racing"

Students live happily even in a tough examination period, they are sure to find time for entertainment, especially when it comes to the students favorite holiday – Tatiana Day, known as the Day of Russian students!

The weather on January 25 was really like Pushkin wrote years ago: frost and the sun - what could be better for the Russian winter? And is a dozen degrees below zero a problem for the tempered VyatSU student? Of course not!

About 300 students of Vyatka State University gathered at the Theater Square that day.

Rector Valentin Pugach addressed them:

Congratulations and frosty, ardent greetings to all of you, heroes, on the Day of Russian Students! Let the student time be truly happiest period of your life! Enjoy learning, researching and creativity; fall in love, live interesting and bright life!

Valentine Pugach congratulated students from African countries as well. He admired their courage in harsh Vyatka climate.

And then sports competitions began with teams from all Institutes, the College and the Lyceum of VyatSU. The students competed in an unusual bowling, overcame the extreme “Caterpillar” relay race, tried on giant costumes and became participants of the “intelligent sumo wrestling” – in a word, they had a lot of fun!

The holiday was also celebrated by those whose student years are far behind now… But is it really important when young enthusiasm and sports passion remain within one’s soul.

“Races” became an event when victory is not as important as participation. Nevertheless, the winners were determined: the 3rd place was taken by the team "Friendship" (Institute of Continuing Education), the 2nd place - "Innovative Penguins" (the Lyceum), the 1st place - "Zhiguli" (Institute of Mathematics and Information Systems).

A lot of prizes were handed out there, the most welcome of which was the “Student Freebie”! Valentin Pugach presented the prizes and gifts to the lucky ones. "Student race" at VyatSU is creative and cool; every visitor was convinced of this!

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