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VyatSU chemists are the best!

  • 30 March 2018, 08:02
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The results of the II round of the Open International Student Internet Olympiad in Chemistry have been announced.

Today Internet era has determined the prestige of the Internet Olympics, which attract a large number of participants.

The other day the II round of the Open International Student Internet Olympiad was held in different disciplines at 36 universities. 372 students from 85 universities in Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan participated there.

Students from 6 universities of the Volga Federal District competed on the basis of Volga State Technological University (Yoshkar-Ola). Among them there were Olim Abdukhalilov and Vasily Odyakov - Chemistry students of VyatSU Institute of Chemistry and Ecology.

The result of a tough competition showed that VyatSU chemists are the best!

The third year student Vasily Odyakov, who has considerable experience of successful participation in the Olympiads and championships in chemistry, took the 2nd place. A real sensation was the victory of a freshman Olim Abdukhalilov: he was awarded the first prize!

- For me, this was the first Olympiad, of course, I was excited. But the conditions and atmosphere created for the participants were great - the Olympiad tests were really captivating and everything was very interesting. I am satisfied with my result. And, of course, I want to say words of gratitude to our university, teachers and everybody who supported me.

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