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VyatSU College Day is a bright event

  • 20 November 2018, 12:44
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Photo sessions, exhibitions, themed areas and even the creation of a student “administration” - all this made up an interesting program of the annual holiday.

VyatSU College Day has become a traditional holiday; this year it was celebrated on November 19th. From the very morning positive music could be heard in VyatSU academic building №5. On the first floor there placed “I love VyatSU college” theme platform. Friendly animators greeted students and teachers and gave a festive bracelet to everyone. Those interested could take part in a photo session.

The second floor became the venue for “Warm Words Collection” event with an exhibition “Congratulations to your beloved college”: everyone could write warm words to his alma mater on a flip chart.

Several more platforms were prepared for the participants of the holiday on the third floor. “Box of positive offers” was established for new constructive ideas aimed at developing the college. Nearby was a creativity platform, where everyone could feel like an artist. The Positive Oracle nearby made lots of positive predictions about life and academic success.

"From the history of the college" platform was organized on the 4th floor and demonstrated the history of the school from 1997 to the present. Students and teachers became participants in the historical quest prepared by the initiative group. In addition, the holiday program included entertaining lessons and unusual class hours. Classes on creating collages, essays and greeting cards “My VyatSU College” were held. All participators shared their love for the college. T

hroughout the day the student "administration" headed by Ilya Kataev, “a director”, and his "deputies" Maria Dudnikova and Ekaterina Kiseleva worked in the college. The holiday was a day of self-government, when the “administration” met with students.

Some classes were addressed to teachers: a master class in industrial gymnastics was prepared for them.

In the afternoon the opening of the strategic session “College 2035” took place where complete teaching staff took part. The work was organized in groups, where participants analyzed the problems and features of the college as a structural unit of the university and, outlining the development prospects, “designed” the model of college-2035. Within a few months, a cycle of practical sessions will be implemented for teachers to determine the points of college growth and development within the project launched, and to form its roadmap.

Today VyatSU College is a friendly and cohesive team of teachers and students, and as one of VyatSU structural units is ready for further development.

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