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VyatSU Development Program for 2021-2030: a test passed

  • 19 May, 14:31
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Experts to the Sociocenter FGANU monitored VyatySU strategic projects implemented by the University’s design teams in the framework of the Priority 2030 program

On May 12, an expert team of Ilya Viktorovich Romanchenko, Dmitry Gennadievich Zhitinevich, Alexander Viktorovich Fetisov arrived at VyatSU. On the first day of work, experts got acquainted with the university sites and the development program. The second day was dedicated to project work in teams. And the working visit of experts ended with a presentation of the results of the work of working groups.

"Within two days, we restored the model of how work was arranged at the time of entering the program. Then we restored the target model, which we want to come to in 2030. We watched what breaks exist now between today's model and the one we want to achieve. And today we will try to formulate our closest actions, steps that we will take to achieve this target model" - He said, opening the third time of work, expert Ilya Romanchenko.

Recall that last year VyatSU was selected in the program of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation “Priority 2030” with a development program, the core of which is 3 strategic projects: “Habitat Environment”, “Harmonic Personality” and “Health Technologies”. In short, all together these projects cover scientific research and development in the fields of “green” energy, building effective life trajectories, healthy nutrition and modern biopharmaceuticals. These projects became the subject of discussion.

    "Now colleagues - the leaders of the stratprojects - came up to me, they said that yes, it was difficult, but the effect and benefit from this are already clear. In fact, this experience is very important to us. We recorded for ourselves the moments that you paid attention to. For us, this is a very good reason for subsequent reflection" - The rector of VyatSU, Valentin Pugach said, addressing the experts.

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