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VyatSU employees - developers of new markets of the National Technology Initiative 2.0

  • 8 June, 17:46
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Sergey Litvinets, Ivan Gubin, Evgeny Plyusnin, Dmitriy Zubov and Roman Vesnin are among the participants of the NTI 2.0 foresight in TechNet, HealthNet, EcoNet markets

In spring, the foresight of the National Technology Initiative 2.0, a program to unite business representatives and the expert community, aimed at updating the common vision of new markets, was launched.

Foresight NTI 2.0 is a unique opportunity to formulate a development strategy for companies, industries, and the whole country. The event is organized by the NTI Platform, University 20.35, the Russian Venture Company, the Agency for Strategic Initiatives and is held in an online format.


Participants of the NTI 2.0 foresight were employees of Vyatka State University. The Deputy Director of the Institute of Chemistry and Ecology Dmitry Zubov, the Director of the Polytechnic Institute Ivan Gubin and his deputy Evgeny Plyusnin were among the developers of the TechNet market. The Vice-Rector for Science and Innovation Sergey Litvinets became one of the experts of the HealthNet market, the Head of the Department of Chemistry and Technology of Polymer Processing Roman Vesnin became the expert of the EcoNet market.

A three-month foresight includes several stages. One of the key stage will be a group work on the Rapid Foresight methodology, aimed at finding political, economic and technological trends in the development of the industry, identifying threats and preparing forecasts for new markets.

It will be followed by a synchronization of the ideas and tasks of the NTI community members, the protection of the concepts of the NTI markets and their roadmaps.

By the end of the NTI 2.0 foresight, there will be a picture of the markets of the future, an understanding of the main trends, as well as possible barriers and ways to overcome them.

All this will make it possible to formulate a request for education, accelerators and the state, and for entrepreneurs to adjust their own development plans in addition to new markets.


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