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VyatSU implements the project "Pearl in a Necklace"

  • 26 February 2019, 09:37
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Last December a new project of VyatSU Center for Competences “Use of biological resources” was launched. “Pearl in a Necklace” aims to develop and create an ecological path in Medvedskiy Bor, a unique specially protected natural area in Kirov region.

The project “Pearl in a Necklace” was supported by the Presidential Grants Foundation, and its implementation is carried out in cooperation with the administration of Nolinsk, non-profit organization Vozrozhdenie (Nolinsk), LLC Nolinsk Timber Industry Company.

Now the project team is preparing for spring, and the staff of the Competence Center “Use of biological resources” tells about an amazing area of Kirov region in VK-group, revealing the secrets of crystal lakes and sand dunes that have come from nowhere; presenting different types of forests and justifying the importance of preserving the pines ...

Rare plants are so accessible, close and surprising that everyone who sees this miracle wants to stop and watch them...

Ekaterina Lelekova, senior researcher at the Competence Center for the Use of Biological Resources, talks about the route that passes through the most picturesque places of Medvedskiy Bor: the pine forest that has survived here since the last glacier melted; sand dunes caused by cold winds and sands brought by the glacier and melt waters ... Along the shore of Lake Chvanikha there are rare and protected plants, representatives of steppes, coniferous and deciduous forests that coexist in an amazing way in the region. Seeing all this with your own eyes, wandering, enjoying the peace and beauty, getting to know closer with already seemingly familiar and such familiar open spaces - all this will be possible thanks to the creation of this path!

Employees of the Center for Competences "Use of Biological Resources" develop materials for excursions and leaflets; prepare presentations for travel companies in order to reflect all the diversity and uniqueness of Medvedsky Bor.

A meeting with Medvedsky Bor, “a pearl in the necklace of Vyatka region”, is waiting for everyone this summer!

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