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VyatSU launches the Year of Volunteer in Kirov region

  • 2 April 2018, 08:33
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"Do good and throw it into the water" - this proverb emphasizes the importance of unselfishness, the reluctance to advertise the assistance provided and waiting for no reward. This can’t be argued, as well as the fact that responsiveness, charity and good deeds should take place in everybody’s life.

At the same time modern life shows how important it is to find like-minded people for solving huge problems on improving the world around us: to do good together means to increase it many times! This explains the dynamically developing Russian movement of volunteers, for whom the contribution to the improvement of the world becomes natural in their lives.

The year 2018 is announced the Year of Volunteer in Russia. The opening event for Kirov region took place on March 30 at VyatSU.

Launching the Year of Volunteer, the Governor of Kirov region Igor Vasiliev notes that solidarity and mutual assistance, which are keys to volunteer movements, have always been among traditions of the Russian people. The number of volunteers on the territory of our region is steadily growing, which coincides with the main theme of the 2018.

During the whole ceremony there was a story about volunteers from Kirov region, engaged in various activities - from garbage collection and greening the streets to creating an inclusive dance group. These examples confirm: everyone can help if he wants!

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