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VyatSU magistrand Daniil Rossokhin represented the university at the prestigious professional competition “The First Step”

  • 13 October, 09:47
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Scientific research of a student of the Faculty of Automation and Computer Engineering is devoted to the problem of recovering partially distorted frames of video content

On October 10, the Samara State TV and Radio Broadcasting Company hosted the final of the II Scientific and Technical Competition “The First Step”. The main organizers of the competition were the Association of Producers and Integrators of TV and Radio Equipment and Software and the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company.

At the start of the competition aimed at identifying the scientific potential of talented youth, promoting new domestic technologies and solving the problem of import substitution, 50 teams of students from specialized technical universities were allowed to participate. According to the results of the qualifying stage, 15 participants reached the final.

Among them is Daniil Rossokhin, a magistrand of the Faculty of Automation and Computer Engineering of the Institute of Mathematics and Information Systems of VyatSU. He presented the research work “Restoration of partially distorted frames of video content”, carried out under the guidance of Natalia Kharina, the associate professor of the Department of Radioelectronic Devices.

The research is aimed at solving the problem of restoring broken image areas based on the statistical redundancy of a video stream using Markov chains, - explained Daniil.

The project was defended online. At the end of the presentation, the participant answered the questions of the jury members.

Daniil did not succeed in becoming the winner of the competition, which does not detract from the value of the work he did. We also want to note that Daniil had to become a rival of teams consisting of several participants - the representative of VyatSU passed the test with dignity, confirming the high level of training in the Flagship university of the Kirov region.

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