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VyatSU polymers in the global trend

  • 26 March 2018, 08:21
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Andrei Burkov from the Department of Chemistry and Technology of Polymer Processing proved it while visiting the largest international exhibition in Hanover.

In accordance with the Development Program of Vyatka State University for 2016-2020 the Competence Center "Polymer Materials" develops its activity. Specialists of the Center are engaged in fundamental research in the field of polymeric materials, carry out expertise of products made of it, provide consulting services to manufacturers and, at the same time, monitor all changes in the world market of tires.

A wide range of innovations in the production of tires was presented in Hanover (Germany), where the largest international exhibition Tire Technology Expo took place on February 20-22. It was attended by more than 300 companies, including world leaders in rubber production (Trinseo, Versalis), equipment (HF Mixing Group), and tires (Pirelli, Goodyear, Continental).

The extensive exposition of the Tire Technology Expo attracted over 6,000 visitors: suppliers of raw materials, manufacturers of equipment and tires, representatives of scientific community. Andrey Burkov, associate professor from VyatSU Department of Chemistry and Technology of Polymer Processing says:

- The event was amazing: all the leading manufacturers presented their newest and the most up-to-date developments. It was possible to communicate, discuss professional issues, exchange experiences with all the participants. I also met our partners there; in particular, we discussed the prospects for further cooperation with colleagues from Cordiant.

The main question addressed to Andrey Burkov on the results of participation in the exhibition is, of course, if Vyatka State University meets world trends and standards.

 - Yes, our developments absolutely correspond to global trends. The production of "green" tires, introduction of nanostructured materials, so-called smart tires, the synthesis of new ingredients for tire rubbers, computer simulation of tire performance - we are successfully dealing with these key topics for the modern tire industry in the laboratories of the Department of Chemistry and Technology of Polymer Processing and at the production sites of the Competence Center "Polymeric materials".

Andrei Burkov is confident that the information received during the exhibition will help VyatSU scientists to continue their long-term strategic cooperation with such large tire holdings like Pirelli and Cordiant. The Competence Center "Polymeric Materials" will strengthen its professional authority not only at regional but also at international level.

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