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VyatSU Polytech presents an unforgettable festival to applicants and their parents

  • 6 April 2019, 07:35
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VyatSU campus became a zone of experiments, unusual expositions, exciting quests, and impressive master classes on the Open Day March 30.

All VyatSU institutions opened their doors for applicants and their parents, offering a rich and varied program. One of the most unusual platforms was organized on campus: the Polytechnic Institute displayed the capabilities of one of the oldest structural divisions of the university in the format of a Science Festival.

FTED, FCA, EEF. Each visitor remembered the abbreviations of these three foundations of the Polytech: Faculty of technology, engineering and design; Faculty of construction and architecture, Electrical engineering faculty. All of them developed numerous experimental platforms, exhibitions, creative laboratories, and master classes.

What to do in an extreme situation? What if a person got an electric shock? This is an exhaustive story with a clear demonstration on a mannequin from Alexander Vikharev, an associate professor of the Department of electrical systems. Nearby, employees of the Department of Industrial Safety and Engineering Systems, together with students of the FCA, demonstrate the protection system at production site, conduct noise measurements in the workplace, and give advice on the safe operation of the telephone. There is no doubt about the benefits of such knowledge for the applicants of the Polytechnic; safety education is of genuine interest.

"We crush concrete cubes". This platform presents an unusual experiment, and Yuri Yurkin, head of the Department of Building Structures and Machines, gives exhaustive comments. If you are more interested in architecture, welcome to the presentation of the Architectural Student Society: in addition to the exhibition of models, visitors were invited to an interesting story by Ksenia Bryzgalova from the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning.

FTED platforms are expectedly diverse: there is a master class on drawing from Andrei Savinov, a professor from Design and visual arts department, and 3D modeling under the guidance of specialists from the Department of information technologies in mechanical engineering, and even a forge organized by the Department of materials science and basic engineering. And, of course, fashion show created by students of the Faculty under the guidance of professionals of the Department of technology and teaching methods.

Polytech Science Festival included some serious component: a speech by Roman Medov, the executive secretary of Vyatka State University admission commission, a meeting with the Deans of the Faculties Vitaly Lisovsky, Olga Sinitsyna, Alexander Golgovsky. And, of course, communication with the director of the Polytechnic Institute Ivan Gubin, who answered the question about his Institute:

A Polytechnic Institute is creativity, teamwork, digital literacy, initiative and independence, leadership and responsibility, the ability to learn.

This is not just a declaration - each thesis was opened by Ivan Gubin with a concrete example of real life, and he determined his personal priority as follows:

For me it is important that the graduates of the Polytech were happy people.

It seems that a lot of applicants want to be happy. Schoolchildren from Belaya Kholunitsa Polina Zyryanova, Vladislav Tananin and Pavel Sakharov shared that they plan to enter the Polytechnic Institute. They are delighted with the Open Doors Day and consider it an essential event, reflecting the level of the region’s main University and its atmosphere.

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