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VyatSU presents unique exhibits discovered during archaeological excavations in the city of Kirov

  • 22 February, 10:58
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Among them are household items, coins, projectiles and even the remains of a person from an old cemetery in the historical part of Vyatka

In the museum and exhibition complex of Vyatka State University (3rd floor of the main building), the exhibition "The History of Vyatka in the Exhibits of the Archaeological Research Laboratory of Vyatka State University" has started. 150 exhibits discovered during archaeological excavations in the city of Kirov from the 1990s to the present are presented to the attention of visitors. As explained by the head of the research laboratory, Alexey Kaisin, a significant part of the finds are exhibited for the first time.

The exposition consists of items related to different historical periods: from the early Iron Age to the beginning of the XX century. All of them help to imagine what the way of life of our ancestors was, the peculiarities of their life and habitual activities. Among the exhibits are leather braided shoes of the 17th - 18th centuries. According to Aleksey Kaisin, only six copies of these shoes were found on the territory of the city: four of them are in the local history museum, two are kept in the "archaeologichke" of VyatSU. People lived in poverty, only a few could afford boots, so they braided shoes from scraps of leather. They were more practical than bast ones, that could get wet and were unsuitable for city life.

Silver 'scale' coins have come down to us from the 16th century. The valuable treasure was discovered during construction work at the intersection of Rosa Luxemburg / Derendyaev streets and transferred to the university laboratory. Next to the coin "scale" is a pectoral cross, discovered in 1993 when examining the external foundation of the Church of St. John the Baptist. He, Alexey Kaysin said, existed in the 17th century, being inherited in a family of priests, and later, in the 18th century, was lost while visiting a church.

Of interest are also projectiles, cannonballs and other, dating back to the 17th century and found on the territory beyond the borders of the township rampart. Since the city was practically not subjected to enemy attacks, the researchers concluded that the abandoned projectiles are evidence of military exercises.

The remains of people were discovered by Kirov archaeologists at the site of the former parish cemetery at the Intercession Cathedral, destroyed during the urban planning reform of Catherine II. The skeleton of one person became an exhibit of the archaeological laboratory of VyatSU - these days it is also presented to visitors of the exhibition.

This is just a part of the exhibits on display until the end of April. The entire exposition, in turn, is only a fraction of what is now kept in the "archeologichka" of VyatSU: there are about 25,000 items found only on the territory of Kirov. In general, taking into account archaeological finds in different places in the Kirov region, the university has about 80,000 exhibits.

Better to see once than hear and read a hundred times - come to the exhibition! It is already available to students and staff of Vyatka State University. Group excursions are possible. In connection with the incoming applications from the townspeople, the issue of organizing collective visits is being decided. To order excursions, please call: 8 961-569-73-85.

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