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VyatSU scientists conduct a survey on quality of Kirov environment

  • 22 March 2018, 09:48
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Kirov citizens had a possibility to tell what they think about their city by answering online questions on well-known portals and in social networks.

The survey was conducted anonymously, in accordance with the methodology of sociological science. It representatively reflected the opinion of two thousand citizens living in different parts of the city, having different age, marital and wellbeing status.

The methodology of the survey was determined by experts: city planners, architects, economists, environmentalists, designers, culturologists, regional specialists, and civil activists, whose wishes and recommendations were taken into account while developing the content of the questionnaire.

The conducted survey was a part of a large research work on assessing urban environment. It was carried out by an interdisciplinary team of scientists from three institutes of Vyatka State University: Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences, Polytechnic Institute, and Institute of Economics and Management.

Analysis of residents’ opinions made it possible to assess the adequacy of available statistics on various aspects of urban development, correctness of methods for data collection and evaluation.

Another goal of the study was to involve citizens in the process of their city transformation.

This survey gave people the opportunity to express their attitude to the problems of urban environment, to realize the possibility of participating in urban development, in order to transform the space taking into account the opinion of the inhabitants.


The survey participants answered 115 questions.

In general, despite significant problems, Kirov residents believe that there are beautiful buildings and monuments, comfortable recreation areas and attractive neighborhoods. Some positive opinions can indicate that people are ready to personal participation in transformation of their native city.

The project participants prepared an analytical report and presentation of survey results for the city Administration that should be interested in conclusions of study and taking into account opinion of the citizens.

Scientists of Vyatka State University would recommend conducting suchlike surveys regularly for urban environment monitoring. These researches contribute to replication of the project "Kvartal 119" and transformation of urban environment on basis of methodology developed by Vyatka State University - to transform urban space on the principles of joint design.

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