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VyatSU scientists preserving health, beauty and youth

  • 22 March 2019, 09:56
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The study of one plant from the Russian Red Data Book might turn into a successful startup

Atarskaya Luka, a “natural pearl” of Vyatka region, has been attracting teachers and students of VyatSU Institute of Chemistry and Ecology, who have launched intensive research activities there.

Cypripedium calceolus(a lady's-slipper orchid) was discovered last summer by ecologists of VyatSU. In addition to undoubted beauty, this plant has a number of useful properties, concluded mostly in a salep (root tubers).

- Its salep contains a large number of biologically active substances, - Ekaterina Ryabova, head of Department of Ecology and Nature Management says. –This brings us to the manufacture of important medicines, as well as cosmetics that can prolong youth and preserve beauty.

A master student Anastasia Kuzmina from VyatSU Institute of Chemistry and Ecology informed that orchids were used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes in 17 - 18th centuries; however, just few people know about it today. At the same time, there are a lot of cosmetic products in the world market using orchid extract - the price of such creams and balms is very high.

A lady's-slipper orchid is added to the Red Data Book of Russia, which completely excludes removing it from the environment in any quantity.

- Moreover, we are concerned that the lady's-slipper orchid population in Atarskaya Luka is located near the path used by both fishermen and holiday-makers, - E. Ryabova notes.

As a result, VyatSU environmentalists have offered their own solution to the problem, which makes it possible not only to save a rare plant, but also to study, multiply in detail, and later to start its industrial development.

Cultivation of Cypripedium calceolus in artificial conditions under the supervision of researchers is a possible solution. This work is to be large-scale and responsible: after all, in order for the plant to feel comfortable, it is necessary to create a special soil rich in fungal mycelium and calcium.

The development of soil for growing orchids in order to obtain medicinal raw materials has already been carried out and even presented at the interuniversity scientific and innovative competition “UMNIK”, and caused great interest there. And ecologists of VyatSU have big plans for the upcoming season, from collecting the seeds to creating conditions for its growth in an artificial environment (faster than in nature).

VyatSU environmental team hopes that it will be able to cope with a difficult task: to master ex-situ conservation outside the natural growing conditions without disturbing the plant population in nature, moreover, to use this amazing plant for the benefit of health and beauty.

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