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VyatSU students are invited to participate in the IT marathon

  • 9 September, 13:47
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This fall, Rosneft is holding a Marathon of IT competitions organized by the RN BashNIPIneft Center for the Development of a Line of Science-Intensive Corporate Software

Programmers aged 18 and older can become participants in the IT marathon.

The IT marathon consists of three separate events:

    The Machine Learning Hackathon of Three Cities will be held on September 24-25, 2020 for undergraduate and graduate students of universities. The competition will take place in three cities at once: Ufa, Kazan and Samara. Registration of participants lasts until October 01, 2020  Challenge of the competition: building an optimal path along a complex surface. The prize fund is 289,000 rubles.
    The hackathon for robotics programmers will take place on October 16-17 for students and graduate students of technical universities. Registration of participants until October 01, 2020 Objective: to develop a robotic solution for performing an operation related to the current production activity for the maintenance of technological equipment. For the solution, the participating teams will be provided with a four-axis robotic arm, the necessary software for creating a control program and design, as well as a 3D printer. The prize fund is 139,000 rubles.
    The Rosneft Proppant Check Challenge will be the final event of the IT marathon, which was launched online on September 2 at and will last until November. Task: to determine the distribution of the linear sizes of proppant grains from a series of photographs. The prize fund is 1,142,000 rubles.

The IT marathon will end in Moscow, where the results of the Rosneft Proppant Check Challenge will be summed up and the winners of all three events will be invited. In addition to monetary rewards, talented young people will receive a job offer from Rosneft and the opportunity to take part in large-scale technological projects.


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