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VyatSU students created costumes for the New Year's performance

  • 2 February 2019, 09:30
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The performance pleased the kids at the Vyatka Philharmonic during the New Year holidays.

Once again, students of VyatSU created stage costumes for the New Year's performance, which was prepared for children by the artists of the Vyatka Philharmonic. The main characters are three little pigs, who learn friendship and responsibility, through various difficulties. Piglets’ adventures, according to the scenario, were accompanied by good and not very good characters ... The future designers were able to solve the task of designing costumes not only technically, but also psychologically. Listening to the expressive reading of the author of the text, as well as numerous discussions allowed creating vivid images for each character of the fairy tale.

In the course of the work, the designers went through all the steps of creating the image: from the sketch, the choice of material and the design development to the embodiment in the product. Each character has bright features that were reflected in the color, detail, texture and plastic of the material. At fittings, the physical data of the actor and the character of his character were taken into account, the image were discussed and supplemented. Close interaction with the actors and the director allowed to create costumes not only expressive in appearance, but also convenient in dynamics: after all, the characters of the musical on stage have to sing, dance and perform acrobatic tricks!

Such work is very useful for students: they go through the whole process of costume creation; they see the interrelation of various stages of design and technological development, which will help them improve their professional level and develop creative abilities.


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