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VyatSU students participating in the II National Interuniversity Championship "Young professionals" (WorldSkills Russia)

  • 30 November 2018, 08:18
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VyatSU competes in four competencies

On November 26 the opening of the II National Interuniversity Championship “Young Professionals” (WorldSkills Russia) took place in Moscow at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements. VyatSU students and employees take part in competitions on 4 competencies:

-          CAD engineering design: Danil Anufriev, 3rd year VyatSU student and Andrey Flaksman, associate professor from VyatSU Department of information technologies in mechanical engineering as a compatriot expert;

-          IT solutions for business on the 1C: Enterprise 8: Anastasia Kulguskina, 1st year VyatSU master student and Alexander Selyunin, head of the corporate information systems center as a compatriot expert;

-          Laboratory chemical analysis: Anastasia Russkikh and Tatiana Kutyavina, senior researcher of the Scientific Research Laboratory of Biomonitoring at VyatSU as a compatriot expert;

-          Primary school teaching: Anna Volkova, 4th year VyatSU student; Olga Shelygina, associate professor from VyatSU Department of pedagogy as a compatriot expert.

Only the winners of the Second University World Championships qualifying championship in World Schools Russia, held in VyatSU in May 2018, got the right to participate in the event. They had competed in seven competencies: IT solutions for business on 1C: Enterprise 8; Engineering design CAD; Entrepreneurship; Graphic design; Primary school teaching; Pre-school education; Social work; Laboratory chemical analyses.

 The finals of the II National Interuniversity Championship “Young Professionals (Worldskills Russia)” are held in 44 competences on November 26 - 29 in Moscow. 93 educational institutions of higher education from 43 Russian regions will take part in it. The main purpose of the university championship is increasing the need for vocational education, based on employers’ demands. According to the results of the competition, recommendations will be developed based on the WorldSkills standards for improving the educational programs of universities. In addition, participation in the championship will give students the opportunity to assess their skills and chances for employment after studies.

A rich business program is planned within the championship on November 27 - 28. Ludmila Vakhrusheva, VyatSU college director and the head of the university championship management team will take an active part in the business program events. She plans a visit to the plenary session “Competence Universities: higher education focusing on practical skills”, meetings of the interuniversity coordination council of the Young Professionals Union (WorldSkills Russia), participation in the round table “Educational ecosystem of the region and the place of the university as a driver of innovation emergence” together with “University of the National Technology Initiative 2035”, as well as visiting competitive venues.

Wish our contestants much success and hope that participation in the championship let them design their own future career!

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