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VyatSU students planted 500 Siberian cedar seedlings

  • 7 October, 17:51
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Vyatka State University took part in the All-Russian campaign for planting cedars "In the name of love, family and eternity 2021"

The action took place on the territory of the building No. 15 of VyatSU. The participants were first-year students of the Institute of Biology and Biotechnology.

    - We decided to immortalize the first steps of our first-year students in their new student life. Later these students will graduate from the university, others will come, and they will take care of these cedars. These are emotions, these are feelings, this is a whole generation of people who will return here with their children, remember something good, kind from student life. We hope that this will become a good new tradition, -

said the head of the center of competence "Use of biological resources" VyatSU and coordinator of the action Ekaterina Lelekova.

Three-year-old seedlings were planted in just a few rows. As Ekaterina Lelekova explained, it is too early to form an alley out of them:

    - The cedar is a long-lived tree, but it grows very slowly. Now the most important thing is for the seedlings to take root. Therefore, today we plant them very often, close together, so that later those trees that survive and take root, start growing, could be transplanted into the alley, for example. There will be a good increase in growth in about 10 years.

In order for the seedlings to take root, it is necessary to regularly mow the grass so that it does not drown out growth, remove small-leaved trees that can shade cedars and interfere with the development of their root system, and, of course, water. In a few years, these cedars will decorate the territory of VyatSU buildings and dormitories.

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