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VyatSU teachers assessing the quality of education within the WorldSkills Russia

  • 19 November 2018, 09:41
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Participants of the interregional seminar attended theme master classes. November 12, 2018. VyatSU Pedagogical Institute held the interregional seminar “Dissemination of efficient models and successful practices of federal innovation platforms in 2018. Assessing the quality of education”. VyatSU specialists shared their experience in the WorldSkills Russia format at eight workshops.

The master class “Conducting current certification in the WorldSkills Russia format on the topic “Using digital equipment” was conducted by associate professor Svetlana Savinova with 5th year students. Fragments of teaching in kindergarten using a variety of digital equipment were demonstrated there. During the master class the “Ecological Tower” game was conducted using the Smart Notebook program, as well as a quest using multimedia presentations with “The Magic Book of Knowledge”.

The master class "Assessing students on the academic discipline " Designing child robotics" under the guidance of associate professor Vera Rozhina discussed the essence and rules for assessing the quality of students' training according to subjective and objective criteria.

The five-year students of the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology demonstrated two fragments of classes in robotics for younger schoolchildren and the procedure for their assessing in the WorldSkills Russia format.

During the master class "Assessing ability to use a digital microscope at the lessons of nature-study" second-year students under the guidance of associate professor Kamilya Gabdulinova demonstrated the capabilities of a digital microscope and their ability to select objects of inanimate and living nature connecting to the theme and abilities of schoolchildren.

The master class “Using simulator robots for current certification in the WorldSkills Russia format” under the guidance of associate professors Natalia Koshkina and Galina Popova introduced the possibilities of using interactive equipment to practice first aid skills to the victim. The master class “Assessment of students ability to use the didactic chest of drawers PERTRA in work with children of preschool age” was conducted by 4th year students under the guidance of associate professor Tatyana Malova.

The participants studied the PERTRA and the possibilities to use it, took part in assessing fragments of two classes using the materials of the didactic chest of drawers PERTRA for “volunteers”. Associate Professor Olga Shelygina with 4th year students presented a master class “Assessing the ability of students for teaching an elementary mathematics in the WorldSkills Russia format”.

Interactive fragment of a lesson on solving problems was conducted. After an interactive analysis of the task a team of students-experts and practical workers assessed the task according to objective and subjective criteria and offered their recommendations for more effective training.

The master class “The current assessment of students' competencies in the academic discipline “Theories and technologies for the development of children's fine arts” was conducted by 3rd-year students under the guidance of Professor Natalia Alexandrova.

Various techniques for choosing landscape reproduction were demonstrated; a conversation on Vyatka paintings and folk toys was conducted; an algorithm for working with children on a mini-exhibition of folk toys was presented. During the master class “Conducting current certification in the WorldSkills Russia format on using the Ruby laser shooting range and personal protective equipment for schoolchildren” the skills of 3rd-year students (future life safety teachers) to conduct classes were assessed by the senior teacher Vladimir Kasyanov and associate professor Marina Morozova.

The students trained disassembling the machine gun, shooting the Makarov pistol and a protective suit using in conditions of chemical contamination. Master classes’ guests appreciated the professional atmosphere, the availability of conditions for pedagogical creativity using a variety of equipment and applying this work in teaching students.

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