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VyatSU will hold traditional graduation ceremony in Minecraft

  • 9 July, 15:48
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The cause of this was the coronavirus pandemic

New times require new approaches. Apparently, the Polytechnic Institute and the Institute of Mathematics and Information Systems of VyatSU guided this rule when they decided to hold the traditional graduation in an unusual format. Their graduates will receive the cherished documents in the Minecraft video game. Especially for this event, a location was prepared in which the ceremony will take place.

It should be noted that preparations for this event began at the end of May. Then the project Manager, a first-year student of the Faculty of Automation and Computer Engineering Kirill Kirin managed to find several people who were able to build the location necessary for the event in a fairly short time. The Director of the Polytechnic Institute Ivan Gubin admits that starting the project he was not completely sure that it could be useful at all, since the restrictions could be lifted at any time and the awarding of diplomas could take place not in virtual, but in our reality.

By the way, the idea of using Minecraft is not new and has become a real trend in the field of organizing events on the remote site. For example, the Rostov DSTU held a lecture in Minecraft, and the Bolshoi Drama Theater in Moscow even staged the play "Cherry orchard" by Chekhov in Minecraft. The awarding of diplomas in Minecraft will be held for the first time in the world.

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