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We are proud that by graduating from Kirov universities, you will be of benefit to your countries

  • 13 September, 21:17
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Governor of the Kirov region Igor Vasiliev met with foreign students studying at universities in the region

On September 11, at the site of the Tourism Development Center of the Kirov Region, another, already the third, meeting of the regional leadership with foreign students of Kirov universities took place. Head of the region Igor Vasiliev and First Deputy Prime Minister of the region Dmitry Kurdyumov came to talk with representatives of the countries of Asia, Africa, Europe, who have chosen the place for higher education in the Kirov region. The meeting was moderated by Maria Sadakova-Ilyina, head of the information work and communications department of VyatSU.

"Given the epidemiological situation, this meeting is not taking place in the most simple conditions; but we are glad that the school year began in a familiar format, not remotely. It is much better for gaining knowledge and, of course, for communication", - noted, addressing the audience, Igor Vladimirovich.

The event was continued by the traditional presentation of countries, students from which study at Vyatka State University, Kirov State Medical University, Vyatka State Agricultural Academy. The main attractions, cultural traditions, peculiarities of national cuisine, favorite sports and leisure - this and many other things were told by Ivan Tetera (VyatSU) from Moldova, Kadiai Erast Mukeba (VyatSU) from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Refat Yesin Rahman (KSMU) from Bangladesh, Temur Zafarov (VGSKhA) from Uzbekistan. Performances were accompanied by concert numbers: singing songs, reading poetry in their native language.

The second part of the meeting was held in "question and answer" format, which made it possible to discuss current topics. Employment in companies in the region during studies at a university and after graduation, maintaining high quality education in a difficult epidemiological situation, changing the schedule of public transport in the evening for ease of movement from educational buildings to hostels - these are just a few of the questions answered by Igor Vasiliev and Dmitry Kurdyumov. The conversation turned out to be lively and frank.

"We are proud that you, future graduates of Kirov universities, will have to treat people in Bangladesh, engage in forestry in Moldova, develop agriculture in Uzbekistan - in general, work for the good of your countries," - the head of the region emphasized.

At the same time, Igor Vasiliev, having learned about the desire of some foreign students to work in the Kirov region, confirmed the existence of such an opportunity.

“The region is interested in highly qualified specialists,” he summed up, answering a question about bonuses for potential red-diploma students.

The meeting ended with a surprise: Igor Vasiliev received a portrait made by the future physician Refat Yesin Rahman as a gift from the students. And, of course, a general photo was taken as a keepsake!

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