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“We learned about the Kirov region through fluoropolymers”

  • 24 October 2019, 10:52
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Researchers from South Africa Paul and Anya Sonnedekers shared their impressions of an international conference held at Vyatka State University

The Vyatka State University, the main university of the region, continues the international scientific and practical conference “Fluoropolymers: research, production problems, new fields of application”, which brought together leading researchers from around the world.

South Africa is so far away, but this did not prevent scientists from the University of Pretoria Paul and Ana Sonnedeker from deciding to participate in the conference on Vyatka land.

Before that, we did not even know about the existence of the Kirov region, -

They admitted.

The conference turned out to be interesting, representative: many wonderful scientists gathered here. We really liked the speeches of the French researcher Bruno Ameduri, academician Vyacheslav Buznik, the Spanish scientist Senen Lanseros-Mendez. Our work is applied in nature and does not always overlap with what is presented at the conference; but everything we heard is very interesting! -

shared the assistant professor of the University of Pretoria Paul Sonnedeker.

We will definitely apply what we learned here in our work, -

Anya assured, saying that her professional interests are primarily associated with the development of means of protection against unpleasant environmental influences.

Thanks to the conference on fluoropolymers, the geographical “gap” of scientists from South Africa has been eliminated: now Paul and Anya not only know about the Kirov region and its main university, but also plan to continue cooperation with researchers of VyatSU.

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