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Lyudmila Bezverkhova's "Architectural sketches" are available for purchase in VyatSU copy centers

  • 23 October 2017, 14:00
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A beautifully designed edition of articles collection by the largest expert in Vyatka architecture is an excellent gift for all those interested in the history and culture of our city.
The book "Architectural sketches" by Lyudmila Borisovna Bezverkhova, Candidate of Architecture, Associate Professor, member of the Union of Architects of Russia, was published. For 40 years L.Bezverkhova has worked at VyatSU Department of Architecture and Urban Planning, having proved herself to be not only a talented teacher, but also an organizer and the first scientific leader of the Architectural Student Center, as well as an author of numerous scientific and creative works dedicated to the discovery of old Vyatka territory.


Lyudmila Bezverkhova has long been perceived by Kirov region residents as an extraordinary personality: her work of Vyatka State University scientist aimed at preserving the cultural heritage of Vyatka region can hardly be overestimated. As well as unique professional knowledge that formed the basis for L. Bezverkhova's articles. Now these publications are gathered together in a collection titled "Architectural sketches"! This beautifully illustrated edition can become a wonderful guide to Vyatka, mostly gone, but still partially preserved. It will be interesting to everybody who is fond of Vyatka history and culture.

The collection is also remarkable by coinciding with the 155th anniversary of the outstanding Vyatka architect Ivan Apollonovich Charushin. It presents research materials on Vyatka architecture of different periods, as well as professional impressions of the author. These fascinating architectural sketches are partially devoted to the history of creation of unknown monuments. In addition, the collection includes author's graphic reconstructions and watercolors, and some archival and research materials including those which have never been published before.

VyatSU Department’s of Architecture and Urban Planning idea to prepare this book was supported by VyatSU Rector Valentin Pugach and also was warmly encouraged by the Vyatka Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church, as well as by Vyatka Society named after the architect I.A. Charushin.
Lyudmila Bezverkhova's "Architectural sketches" has become a laureate of the International Festival "Zodchestvo-2017" (Moscow) in the nomination "The best printed edition about architecture and architects".

The book is available for purchasing now in copy centers of Vyatka State University.
This edition is unique and limited!


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