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Whether it is worth being afraid of robots in the nearest 30 years to be discussed in the project “Lectures at the Polytechnic”

  • 3 December 2018, 09:33
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December 7, 2018. A new meeting with an interesting lecturer Ilya Kabanov (Moscow), young popularizer of science.

He will speak on the topic “The Upcoming 30 Years: How will we live and work in the future?” within the project “Lectures at the Polytechnic”. The lecture will focus on the idea that in the future humankind will face cosmic threats and global epidemics, cure for all diseases, robot-judges, and endless education. Ilya Kabanov will tell what to expect in the coming decades, what professions will be in demand and whether people should be afraid of robots. 

For reference:

Ilya Kabanov, an editor of popular science almanac, head of scientific communications agency, organizer of educational events.

The author of the stories’ collection "Dear Russians" and co-author of the book "Scientific Answers to Space Questions", specializes in scientific communications and popularization of education, observer of site.

Since 2005 he has been engaged in communications in the field of science, education and technology. He lectured and moderated popular science events in India, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan and 20 regions of Russia.

In 2009 his comments on time-zones was published in The New York Times. Moderator of round tables within "Ecosystem of Innovation" forum (Sochi), "Open Innovation" forum (Moscow), Moscow Urban Forum.

 The lecture starts on December 7, 2018 at 5.00p.m: main academic building VyatSU, 36, Moskovskaya St., hall 1-128.

 We invite our students and everyone to the lecture!

Online registration is now available at (write your full name).

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