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Who needs an artist in the modern world and why?

  • 13 October 2019, 10:23
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On October 18, 2019, the audience of Vyatka State University's educational project “Lectures at the Polytechnic” will get acquainted with the Russian playwright, the Anti-Booker prize winner Oleg Bogaev (Yekaterinburg)

He will speak on the topic “Who needs an artist in the modern world and why?” The topic is relevant from the point of view of the value of theater in modern society.

An Artist should be understood as any creator. It can be a poet, painter, artist, film director, animator, playwright, sculptor, composer. The lecture will discuss how the role of the Artist has changed today and what place the creative person takes in the coordinate system of the consumer society. Does the Artist have power over the minds and hearts of the masses? The conversation will touch upon deep-seated problems - can an Artist be a great creator without being a good person? These questions and the author’s answers to them are clearly expressed in Bogaev’s play “Picasso”, the first production of which will take place in the Kirov Drama Theater in October.

- We can write completely different texts - related to real life, in the style of “verbatim”, documentary, texts of an absolutely fictional life,

but it seems to me that first of all it is important to pay attention to plays that touch upon serious issues related to human life and psychology. Only peering intently at a person, we understand the value and importance of theater as an art - the author considers. - So, the play “Picasso” raises the eternal themes of love and the meaning of life; what we live for, and what will happen after, what loneliness is, why a person is lonely, and how important it is to have a loved one nearby.

The lecture is to be held on October 18, 2019 at 17.00 Moskovskaya st, 36, VyatSU main academic building, aud. 1-128

We invite our regular listeners and everyone to a lecture!

Admission is free.

On-line registration is available at (input your full name).

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