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SSS VyatSU became the winner of the competition of student scientific societies

  • 16 April, 12:54
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In the Ministry of Education and Science, Russia summed up the SSS competition, in which participated more than 290 universities from 81 subject of the Russian Federation

The prize fund of the competition amounted to 100 million rubles. The winners included 40 universities from 30 regions, including VyatSU.

1 million rubles were allocated for the implementation of projects and the development of SSS. A total of 17 events will be held: Meetup "I_SSS", Summer School "Time _SSS", Scientific and Educational Project "VNauke" (InScience), Public Talk "Let's talk with ... Young scientists", Anti-conference "Student. Science. Region", Competition "Student of the year in Science", Competition" Personal scholarships SSS VyatSU ", online projects" Interviews with #Top_SSS" and "Report about #Science_SSS", project "Development of the company NEW_SSS"and others.

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