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Young scientists of Vyatka State University are winners of prestigious competitions of the Russian Science Foundation

  • 20 July 2018, 08:20
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The projects of Nikita Karavaev, Konstantin Isupov and Ekaterina Kurbatova are proving that there is serious scientific research at VyatSU!

Russian Science Foundation (RSF) announced the results of 2018 contests for grants "Initiative research by young scientists" and "Conducting research by scientific groups under the leadership of young scientists" of the Presidential research projects program. It is developed by the Foundation on behalf of Russian President Vladimir Putin and aimed at supporting long-term projects of leading scientists, as well as creating career paths for promising young researchers.

Following the results of two recently concluded competitions, the Foundation supported 503 initiative projects of young scientists in total amount of 1.5-2 million rubles annually and 313 youth scientific groups with 3-5 million rubles funding.

Vyatka State University representatives are among the winners of both competitions. Projects "Parallel algorithms and software for performing BLAS-operations of multiple accuracy on high-performance computing systems with a hybrid CPU / GPU architecture" by the leading researcher of the Department of electronic computers Konstantin Isupov and "Development of the method of automatic detection of roads by satellite and aerospace images" of Ekaterina Kurbatova, associate professor of the Department of Radioelectronic Means received RSF grants by the results of the contest "Initiative research by young scientists", whose goal is to support young people aged by 33, defended their Candidate’s Dissertations (Ph.D. theses).

One more RSF grants holders is Nikita Karavaev, head of VyatSu Department of Informational Technologies and Methods of Teaching Informatics who presented his project "The Scientific Substantiation of the Algorithm for Using the Mapping Technology in the Training of Robotics for Professionals of the Future" for the contest "Conducting research by scientific groups under the leadership of young scientists". Nikita Karavaev has not only offered an interesting scientific idea, but gathered a team of like-minded people; and as a result he will have to implement his own project as a leader of his young colleagues.

The importance of winning these prestigious competitions for Vyatka State University can hardly be overestimated. This was confirmed by the vice-rector for science and innovation Sergei Litvinets.

This is a very high level of scientific achievements. It’s a special pleasure that they belong to young researchers, -
 Sergei Litvinets said.

These victories of Vyatka scientists in RSN contests can prove now that serious science develops at Vyatka State University that corresponds to the level of the best Russian and world research.