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Department of state and municipal management

  • 17 December 2017, 10:46
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The Department of State and Municipal Management implements educational programs:


Bachelors programs:

38.03.04 "State and municipal management"

profiles: regional management;

management of urban (municipal) economy


27.03.05 "Innovation"

Profiles: management of innovations in the industry;

management of innovations in the social sphere


38.03.03 "Personnel management"

profiles: personnel management of organizations



38.04.04 "State and municipal management"

 38.04.09 "State Audit"

 27.04.07 "High technology and innovation economics"


Post graduate program:

08.00.05 "Economics and management of the national economy"


Students who study at the department have the opportunity to participate in the project "Minor Academy of Public Administration of the Kirov region"


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