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Department of Physical Education

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The Department of Physical Education was opened at the University in March 1963 and was headed by the USSR master of sport Yuri Shishkin.

 From the first days of the Department, the creation of material and technical base for the training process of physical education and sports was began. Open-type sports grounds with asphalt coating are equipped.

 In 1965, the health and sports camp "Lutch" on the bank of the river Vyatka was opened.

 In 1972, was opened a ski base for 1000 pairs of skis, and in 1988 - a shooting range.

 In 1997, the solemn opening of a new educational and sports complex took place.

 From the first steps, educational and methodical work is carried out, the level of professional training of personnel is increased.

 The staff of the Department is consist of teachers who have the title of master of sports in various sports. Among them – Vladimir Melanin - legendary person in the sports world. Vladimir Mikhailovich is 3-time world champion, Honored master of sports of the USSR, Olympic champion in biathlon.

 The formation of speed skating in the first place is associated with the names of Leonid Alexandrovich Bazhin and Vasily Vasilyevich Klabukov. They prepared more than 15 masters of sports, and Evgeny Malykh won the championship of Russia.

 No less successful was the work of ski specialists - Stanislav Matveeevich Varfolomeev, Yuri Georgievich Yakurnov and Rudolf Abaturov. In 1980, Boris Krasnov became the champion of the All-Union Student Universidad, in 1997 - the champion of Russia Maxim Sokovnin was a participant of the World Championship in Sweden.

The development of athletics at the University is associated with the names of Donat Vsevolodovich Razin, Rostislav Ivanovich Zhitar, Vitaly Dmitrievich Podkovyrin and Valery Filippovich Kropachev. In 1983, Victor Murmanskii and Svetlana Gavrilyuk became winners of the championship of Russia among students.


 Impressive sports achievements of students - masters of sports of international class:

 Irina Emelyanova (judo wrestling) - champion of the USSR, Europe, the world;

 Mikhail Kozerodov (radio sport) - champion of the USSR, winner of several international competitions;

 Andrey Perminov (swimming) - champion and winner of the USSR Cup, bronze medalist of the World Championship;

 Andrey Belyaev (powerlifting) - champion and winner of the Russian Cup, champion and world record holder.

Olga Gmyzina (ice dancing) – winner of the Russian Cup in 2004 and 2005.


Today, students, who are numerous prize-winners and winners of city and regional competitions in athletics, skiing, wrestling judo, volleyball, football and basketball continue to study at the University.

Since 1976, the Department has been conducting scientific and methodological work aimed at studying the functional state of the human body under various physical loads. The results of many years of research make it possible to judge the reserve capacity of the body and its ability to adapt to different types of muscle activity.

At the Department of physical education classes on the subject of physical education are conducted in the following specializations:

Basketball (man/woman)

Volleyball (man/woman)

Athletics (man/woman)

Cross-country skiing (man/woman)

Sambo (man)

Special group (man/woman)

Fitness (man/woman)

Football (man)


Since 2013, the Department is headed by Oleg Vladimirovich Hlusyanov, master of sports in wrestling sambo and master of sports in judo, a multiple champion of Russia, Europe and the world, since 2000 - president of the Federation of hand-to-hand combat of the Kirov region.


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