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Department of construction industry

  • 7 December 2017, 07:49
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Annually, the Department of construction industry graduate about 100 qualified specialists in the field of construction, architecture and cadastre. The department carries out training in the following specialties: "Industrial and civil construction", "Urban construction and economy" and "Land management and cadastres".

A significant amount of research work done by teachers and students has a practical orientation.

The main scientific directions of the Department:

- study of modification of traditional and new building materials with various nanoparticles and other additives in the interest of creating a system for testing modifiers of structures with the definition of the field of application;

- study of modern technologies of house building;

- the development of the standards of a national association of builders (together with the leading universities of the country);

- progressive wooden structures for the construction of buildings from solid wood;

- research of technologies of buildings and constructions, machines and mechanisms.

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