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Intensive scientific training: vivid and unusual recess at VyatSU College

  • 12 February 2019, 12:09
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Work of scientific platforms and various actions were devoted to the Day of Russian science


On February 8, on the Day of Russian Science, VyatSU Department of postgraduate and doctoral studies together with the Student’s Scientific Society prepared an unusual gift for students of Innovative Lyceum and VyatSU College: an event devoted to scientific topics was held at recess time.

Activists of Student’s Scientific Society from various institutes and faculties organized the work of interesting platforms. Thus, the fifth-year students of the Faculty of Technology, Engineering and Design, Evgenia Mishchikhina and Valeria Kutergina, offered everyone a fascinating task of developing creativeness necessary for research activities.

Students of the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology conducted useful tests and a speech therapy mini-lesson, during which they gave valuable recommendations to those who are expected to make public speeches.

 The third year student from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Timofey Konyshev, introduced Lyceum and College students to a charming robot Nao. A lot of exhibits from the archaeological laboratory of the Faculty of history, political science and cultural studies were shown at the platform “Back into the Past”.

 As always, the Faculty of Computer, Physical and Mathematical Sciences produced a great impression and proved that interest to mathematical sciences is not subject to time! Also at the festival of science there were presented a well-known “Reactive Show” by the Institute of Chemistry and Ecology”, and as usual the audience was delighted!

 The work of scientific platforms, actions and an exhibition of VyatSU Student’s Scientific Society turned the traditional school recess into a fascinating and useful scientific intensive training.  The Day of Russian science has got a glorious celebration!

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