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The birthday of the headquarters of VyatSU student teams was marked by a wonderful Ball

  • 18 December 2018, 08:10
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More than a hundred fighters danced a festive waltz

On November 24 at the Kirov regional library named after A. S. Grin the first Ball of student teams of VyatSU took place. This format was chosen by the headquarters to celebrate its birthday, the sixth anniversary of the founding

More than a hundred fighters gathered in the spacious hall – mini-competitions were held for them, a buffet table was laid, the work of a luxurious flower photo zone was organized.

The decoration of the party was the contest “Miss Student Teams of VyatSU”, which participants were eight beautiful and talented girls. In the struggle for the title, they passed several tests: defile, "business card" (video and creative performance), defile with a partner and even an essay on the topic "Work is cool." Miss and Vice-Miss of the student teams of VyatSU were chosen, as well as Miss Audience choice.

What a ball without dancing? Representatives of the VyatSU student teams have shown that they can be not only hardy fighters, but also excellent performers of the mazurka, polonaise and waltz.

The birthday of the headquarters of student teams became a celebration of youth, optimism and beauty!

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