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Unique technical solutions by VyatSU Engineering Center

  • 26 February 2019, 07:35
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Ilya Lyangasov the Deputy Head of the Engineering Center told us about it

At the end of September last year, as part of the regional Industry Week, the ceremonial opening of the VyatSU Engineering Center was held. The Center was created on behalf of Governor Igor Vasilyev, in close cooperation with the Council of Chief Designers of the Kirov region.

The significance of the event was reinforced by the confident victory of the application of the Flagship University of the Kirov region in the competition of the Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation for additional funding for the Engineering Center, which dedicates to develop and manufacture industrial high-tech products for civilian use.

What has been done in five months of work? This was told by the Deputy head of the Engineering Center Ilya Lyangasov:

There are still many problems. We have not enough necessary equipment – its purchase proceeds to this day. We are not ready to present all the information about the ongoing work to a wide audience right now: first, we need to finish what we started.

Nevertheless, something can be safely attributed to the first achievements of the team of the Engineering Center. One of the most successful developments is the spiral-wound complex for the manufacture of pipes for the beet pile aeration.

Pile is a large mound of root crops of regular geometric shape of trapezoidal section: it is in this form that sugar beets are stored. In order to preserve the crop, it is necessary to observe optimal conditions and maintain a certain temperature; but it is impossible without the use of special tools. That is why the percentage of losses during storage of a strategically important culture for the country is quite significant, and Russian sugar producers are increasingly asking: how can you keep the roots?


The answer is: with a special ventilation system! It has been produced in America and Europe for many years - in Russia, experts from the VyatSU Engineering Center became the pioneers! We are talking about ventilation pipes with perforations, similar to those with which shopping centers are equipped. Giving a certain configuration, they are placed at the base of the pile to ensure the flow of air.

- This allows us significantly improve the storage conditions for root crops, which is beneficial to the producer, and ultimately to the consumer. Therefore, our development is in demand and promising, - explained Ilya Gennadievich.

One of the largest sugar producers in Russia has already acquired the equipment made in the VyatSU Engineering Center - other customers are next!

During the conversation, the question of the development of woodworking equipment inevitably arises: after all, this particular direction was chosen as one of the main ones at the stage of the idea of ​​creating an Engineering Center.

In the Kirov region, such equipment is in great demand, our developments fully comply with the current trend, - said Ilya Lyangasov - They are diverse: a debarking machine - the simplest one we offer today, milling-sawing woodworking equipment, and, finally, a quadrilateral woodworking center with CNC, corresponding to foreign analogues and implying the possibility of different configuration. At the same time, it is twice cheaper than imported.

Ilya Gennadievich stressed that now Russian customers increasingly preferred domestic producers: democratic price, trouble-free warranty service - all this matters!


Recently, the Engineering Center turned to a new direction related to the development of lifting and transport equipment: various conveyors, elevators, mechanisms for moving goods. In Russia, explained Ilya Lyangasov, about a dozen enterprises are engaged in this, the rest of the production comes from abroad.

The VyatSU Engineering Center is determined to take a place in this market niche - several orders have already been taken.

But the project for the utilization and disposal of silt residues using microwave technologies is almost completed, and soon we will know about the results of this work.

Not space, not Elon Musk, but we also have unique technical solutions, - assured Ilya Lyangasov.

There is no doubt that the start of the VyatSU Engineering Center was successful!

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