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VyatSU Institute of Mathematics and Information Systems delivers an intensive training by the Higher School of Economics

  • 12 February 2019, 12:28
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The IMIS staff highly appreciated the course delivered by their HSE’s colleague Evgeny Sokolov.

On January 25-26 an intensive training conducted by the Higher School of Economics, devoted to the study of data analysis and teaching experience in machine learning disciplines was hold within the advanced training program “Cognitive technologies” for IMIS stuff.

Classes were delivered by Evgeny Sokolov, Deputy Head of the Department of Big Data and Information Retrieval at the Faculty of Computer Science.

The IMIS training program will last until mid-April 2019. Employees' knowledge upgrade in the field of big data processing and artificial intelligence is planned to be got as a result, as well as the adjustment of educational programs content of the institute. There will also be formulated proposals for the implementation of #datascience modules in programs on natural sciences and economists.

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