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VyatSU students are the best in web programming

  • 13 March 2019, 08:51
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February 28, 2019 the regional stage of the international student web programming competition was held in Kirov

This is an annual competition from the company “1C-Bitrix”. In Kirov, the Vyatka State University and GC K)Service conducted the regional stage. Students of the Vyatka state University and the Kirov Aviation Technical School, in total - 19 people became participants of the Olympiad.

Students had to solve 4 blocks of tasks on the knowledge of the PHP programming language and to show the ability to work with tasks of different levels of complexity.

According to the results, the best were students of Vyatka State University:

1st place - Anna Prozorova and Sergey Kalinin (scored the same number of points);

2nd place - Alexander Tkach;

3rd place - Dmitry Bazhenov.

The winners will take part in the final stage in Moscow, where they will compete with the best student web programmers from other regions.

We congratulate the winners and wish new victories!

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