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How a student lives on a "remote"?

  • 10 April, 18:09
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This was discussed by the rector of VyatSU Valentin Pugach and the Governor of the Kirov region with students of Vyatka State University remotely

- Usually we meet in the audience and communicate, but today we have the opportunity to test modern technology and communicate via video. Therefore, guys, I suggest you share your feelings about distance learning, what you like, what you don't like, - turned to students Igor Vasiliev.

Despite the fact that the online meeting was not planned in advance, among the students there were many who wanted to communicate with the head of the region. First of all, leaders of student associations of Vyatka State University joined the videoconference.

- I like it, but due to the specifics of the faculty, I have a lot of practical classes, I mean physical education, which is simply impossible to master in full remotely. On the other hand, in normal mode I had to rewrite lectures, and now I have them in text format, - Mark Shikhaleev, the 3-year student of the Faculty of Physical Culture and Sports shared his impressions.

Olga Semakova, a 4th year student of the Faculty of Construction and Architecture, spoke about how graduating students relate to distance learning:

- Our group, as graduates, really likes the distance learning format. Teachers provide us with all the necessary assistance in studying the most complex material, solving problems and writing laboratory work.

Igor Vasiliev noted that the leadership of the university and the authorities of the region took all possible measures to ensure that the current epidemiological situation affects the quality of student learning as few as possible.

- As the Head of the working subgroup of the State Council of the Russian Federation on education, it is especially important for me that students and schoolchildren continue to receive knowledge. For all of us, the transition to the remote format of classes is not only a necessary circumstance, but also an interesting experience. We hope that each of you will show maximum responsibility and independence and also successfully master the course, as in full-time study, - emphasized the Head of the region.

 The rector of Vyatka State University, Valentin Pugach, said that the university took all possible measures to provide teachers with the necessary equipment, so that even with online learning, students can communicate with them and receive answers to questions. Valentin Pugach noted that the educational process at the university is in full swing, all students got access to the resources of the electronic educational environment of Vyatka State University and perform tasks that they receive from teachers online.

For students of those specialties that involve laboratory work and research in the classrooms of the university, the university is developing a transfer of such classes or replacing them with virtual analogues. Also, increasingly, teachers of VyatSU are organizing individual consultations for students remotely.

At the end of the meeting, Igor Vasiliev said that the most important thing today is not only to successfully master the curriculum, but also to take care of your health. In this regard, everyone must comply with the recommendations of the Rospotrebnadzor and the Ministry of Health of the Kirov Region and limit the circle of contacts.

The head of the region invited students to make such meetings regular.

The next online meeting for all students will be held this week. Follow the information on the official website of Vyatka State University - a live broadcast will be announced in the coming days.


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