Research at VyatSU


Scientific Research at the University

1. Philosophy. Ontology and gnoseology

2. History

3. Mathematical and tool methods of economy

4. Mathematical modeling, numerical methods and complexes of programs

5. Economics and national economy management

6. Law, including theory of state and law, administrative law, civil law, labor law, criminal law

7. Culturology

8. Public education and pedagogics

9. Psychology

10. Linguistics

11. Literary criticism

12. Mathematics, algebra and number theory

13. Thermal physics and theoretical thermal engineering

14. Inorganic chemistry

15. Organic chemistry

16. Biological chemistry

17. Biology

18. Microbiology

19. Botany

20. Ecology

21. Physiology

22. Stratigraphy

23. Power plants and electric power systems

24. Electrical complexes and systems

25. System analysis, information processing and management (by branches)

26. Systems, networks and telecommunications devices

27. Computers, complexes, systems and networks

28. Materials science and heat treatment of metals

29. Technology of processing of plastics, elastomers, composites

30. Biotechnology, including nanobiotechnology

31. Human genetics. Medicine and healthcare

32. Construction and architecture

33. Theory and methods of physical education, sports training, improving and adaptive physical training