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Department of microbiology

  • 12 January 2017, 13:04
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Scientific research at the Department of Microbiology is held in the following areas:

Use of perfluororganic compounds with the gas transmission function for the growth intensification of micro-organisms by their cultivation and for improvement of microorganisms’ functionality in the various biological medical products.

Search and study of microorganisms able to degrade lignin and cellulose, for the development on their basis some biotechnology for environmental protection from wood waste, and for producing enzymes for paper and textile bleaching.

Identification and characterization of probiotic microorganisms and development of probiotics for humans and farm animals.

Study of oxidizing microorganisms and development of biological products for the environment purification from pollution by oil and oil products.

The development of modern methods of laboratory diagnosis of infectious diseases (tick-borne encephalitis, borreliosis, helicobacteriosis, etc.) and creation of testing systems for detection of the relevant pathogens.

Since 2004 the Department has been offering a post-graduate studying preparing highly qualified specialists in the fields of microbiology and biotechnology under the guidance of Doctors of Sciences and Professors. The Department runs a scientific society (club) involving the interested students from the 1st to 4th courses.

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