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ESG agenda: sustainable development of Russia in unstable conditions

  • 16 December 2022, 17:33
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On December 16, at the Boiling Point of Vyatka State University, the last lecture from the series “Man and the State: Sustainable Development Priorities” was held

At lectures within the framework of the federal project "Green Economy", scientists and specialists talked about the priorities of the state policy in the field of sustainable development. The last lecture of the cycle dedicated to the ESG agenda was delivered by Elena Gordeeva, Doctor of Law, Associate Professor of the TIGP Department of Vyatka State University.

Recall that in 2015, the UN General Assembly formulated 17 sustainable development goals that will help solve the global problems of mankind (for example, hunger and destruction of ecosystems) by 2030. So countries together are trying to create a path of progress that would maintain a balance between economic development, social well-being and environmental conservation.

ESG, or environmental, social and corporate governance, is a practical form of the concept of "sustainable development", a set of criteria for its implementation. Elena Gordeeva explained how ESG is implemented in the Russian Federation and why it is important to follow the agenda.

For example, in Russia, as part of the ESG strategy, an experiment is underway on Sakhalin. Thanks to experimental mechanisms for recording and quoting greenhouse gases, scientists want to achieve carbon neutrality on the island. Then this experience can be analyzed and applied in more populated regions of the country, which will require ESG to transform the business - its internal restructuring in accordance with the agenda.

As Elena Gordeeva noted, the ESG issue cannot be put off: the lecturer cited as an example scientists' forecasts, according to which greenhouse gas emissions will continue to grow rapidly in the near future, which will affect the climate. Meanwhile, climate change is a global problem, which, like other problems solved by the UN, cannot be eliminated by the efforts of one country.

     "The entire cycle of lectures conducted is aimed at involving students and young professionals in the implementation of sustainable development goals. It is they who in the near future will have to deal with the development of the country. Vyatka State University is a key university, respectively, and students here are our future support" - commented Valery Semenishchev, regional chairman of the public council of the Green Economy project implemented by the United Russia party.

Based on the results of the cycle, it is planned to conduct a survey so that listeners can make their own suggestions. If you are interested in the topic of the "green" economy, separate waste collection and improvement of the region, you can send suggestions to e-mail