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Institute of Economics and Management Vyatka State University - 30 years

  • 12 December 2022, 18:21
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On December 14, the Institute of Economics and Management of VyatSU turns 30 years old. Director of the Institute Nadezhda Savelyeva spoke about the main achievements by the round date

Today, the Institute of Economics and Management is not only a platform that annually graduates highly qualified specialists, but also a team of scientists and researchers capable of solving the problems facing enterprises, regions and the country as a whole.

 "Over the past five years alone, the staff of the Institute of Economics and Management of Vyatka State University has carried out more than 30 research projects in the interests of both federal executive authorities and regional governments and enterprises. It should be noted that there are a significant number of letters of thanks for the high-quality implementation of scientific projects, for example, from the Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat), the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, etc.," - says Nadezhda Savelyeva.

The projects already implemented for the Eurasian Economic Commission, the supranational regulatory body of the Eurasian Economic Union, are among the most significant and large-scale. These are, for example, “Development of a system for improving the effectiveness of control (risk-based approach) over compliance with the general rules of competition in cross-border markets when conducting research, assessing the state of competition and investigating on an initiative basis”, “Developing a mechanism for introducing and extending temporary state price regulation (national level) and criteria for assessing the impact of temporary state price regulation on the state of competition in the commodity markets of the Member States of the Eurasian Economic Union”.

The institute also works with state services.

 "The main customer of the Institute is the Federal Statistics Service (Rosstat), with which the Institute has been working since 2019. For a study on the development of a mathematical model for estimating the consumer price index, the team of developers was awarded the title of Nominee for the All-Russian Highest Public Economic Prize: "Economist of the Year - 2020", " - says the director of the institute.

At the regional level, employees of the Institute of Economics and Management develop projects for the Republic of Bashkortostan, the Arkhangelsk Region, the Samara Region and others.

 "For example, this year the Institute team is developing three documents of strategic importance on the development of the manufacturing industry, investment strategy and the Petrozavodsk urban agglomeration of the Republic of Karelia," - Nadezhda Savelieva said.

The staff and capabilities of the institute make it possible to actively engage in fundamental science. For example, this year the scientists of the institute are conducting a fundamental study on the topic “Modeling and factorial forecasting of labor resources in the periphery of the digital economy”, supported by the Russian Science Foundation. It will allow assessing how the development and penetration of digital technologies will ensure the growth of labor productivity and make work in the sectors of the “periphery” of the digital economy more attractive.