Education for foreigners

Admission requirements

  • 20 April 2020, 13:41
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On arrival at VSU every foreign citizen must come to Preparatory Faculty Office  (Krasnoarmeyskaya str. 26, room 201, tel.+7 (8332) 742859) for registration.

To be admitted to Preparatory Faculty of Vyatka State University  it is necessary to present the following documents :

  • international passport and the copy of it;
  • migration card;
  • a document of education equivalent to a state-recognized document of education required in the Russian Federation to apply to a corresponding level of higher professional education and its notarized translation into Russian certified by the Embassy (Consulate) of the Russian Federation in the country where the document of education was issued;
  • health certificate which is given by the  Health Authority  of your country, confirming your ability to study at a higher educational institution in Russian Federation;
  • HIV/AIDS certificate;
  • 12 photographs (size 3х4).

To be allowed to get place in the hostel and to conclude an individual contract with the University you present:

1) Medical certificate with all necessary laboratory test results



2) medical insurance policy (it is paid  by student himself). The policy costs  about 4000 rub